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The 2018 Friends of Beebe Library Book Sale is now a wonderful memory.
Unfortunately, the Baptist Church where we held so many successful events is no more.
See photos of the 2018 Book Sale, and see photos of the 2019 Book Sale, held at Waterstone Place

Hi fellow Beebe Friends! If you would like to donate to the Friends of Beebe Library or renew your membership during this time, you may do so via PayPal at the following link: http://friendsofbeebe.org/join.html

Interested in supporting a non-profit or local bookstores during this time? Feel free to donate to More Than Words, who has graciously helped us for our book sales, or donate to Bookshop, a startup that helps bookstores nationwide! This includes Whitelam Books in Reading!

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The Friends of Beebe Library, a non-profit, community-based group, was formed in 1972 to provide support for special activities, services and initiatives of the Wakefield, MA public library. Hundreds of your neighbors support the Friends through dues and as volunteers.

Believing that free access to information and ideas is fundamental to an enlightened community, the Friends of Beebe Library enhance and promote our Library's role by:

  • • Sponsoring programs compatible with the Library's cultural, educational and recreational role in the community.
  • • Raising and providing funds for services, equipment and activities beyond the scope of the operating budget of the Beebe Library. For example, we provided the seed money for the DVD collection at the  Beebe Library and help fund the Business Center as well.


Check out www.wakefieldlibrary.org for their fun virtual winter programs!

Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that we are giving away some special books and CDs for small donation amounts! For more information, visit: https://friendsofbeebegiftpacks.org