Your donations of books and other cultural or educational items are sold to the public at our book sales. Proceeds help to fund Library programs and initiatives, and your donations help the Friends continue to benefit families with museum passes, children's programs and some adult programs.

At this current time, we are not accepting book donations at the Library, but plans are being made for a donation drive, and the Friends aim to bring the book sale back in 2021!

We accept:
• Books
• Antique books or collections
• Vintage magazines
• CDs
• DVDs
• Computer software, console games, board games
• Graphic novels, comic books
• Audio Books
• Vinyl records

We do not accept ...
• Textbooks
• Encyclopedias
• Magazines
• Damaged or musty books
• VHS tapes
• Abridged or condensed books

For questions about book donations, contact 

Note (As of 1/17/21): We are currently sorting through donations but hope to update the website with donation information soon! In the meantime, if you are looking for a place to donate to, check out More Than Words, The Book Oasis or a similar organization!


For donations we do not accept, consider other charities/non-profits that are actively looking for donations, like More Than Words, Vietnam Veterans of America, and the Epilepsy Foundation.