When was the Friends of Beebe Library established?


Is the Friends part of the Library? 
No. We’re an independent organization working to raise money to help support the Library.

I have a library card so am I a member of the Friends?
No. You need to join the Friends of Beebe Library to become a member, but the cost per year is affordable.

How does the Friends raise money?
Money is raised through membership dues, donations, the annual Book Sale, sale of Beebe products such as honey, and book give-aways at town events.

How does the Friends decide how to spend money?
The Friends work closely with the Beebe Library administration to determine how to spend money.
The Library administration asks the Friends to fund things that are typically not paid for by the Library budget. The Friends votes to accept or reject to spend the money for the request.

How much of the money raised is used to support the Beebe Library?
100% of the money raised is used to support the Beebe Library either directly through programming and purchases or indirectly paying for services to support the Friends such as paying for the website hosting and tax preparation.

Are membership dues or donations tax deductible?
Yes. The Friends of Beebe Library is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

How can I volunteer?
There are several fun events where we need help; there is the big book sale, as well as book giveaways at the Festival by the Lake & the Wakefield Farmer’s Market. For more information or to volunteer, please contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@friendsofbeebe.org.